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Mackey Building 144

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Assistant Professor

Master of Architecture: Columbia University
Bachelor of Arts (Architecture and Visual Studies): University of Pennsylvania


Architectural Design
Culture and Design
Research and Evidence-Based Design


Research focuses on the relationship between history, culture and perception and its impact on the architecture of the African Diaspora. Current research focuses on the definition of home in the African Diaspora with a particular focus on Ghana. The research focuses on traditional modes of dwelling and studies how these have shifted over time due to changing values and global influence. It also explores the way people dwell and begins to understand the spatial implications and systems occurring in the home. The research begins to catalog this information to propose a set of criteria that can be used in evidence - based design solutions for housing in Ghana. Larger research goals aim to expand this research arm to a study of housing and Caribbean architecture.

Subjects Taught: 

Arch 201: Design III
Arch 202: Design IV
Arch 662: Tropical Architecture and Urbanism
Arch 682: Tropical Architecture and Urbanism: Case Studies

Detailed Information

About Me: 

Dahlia Nduom is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Architecture at Howard University. She received her undergraduate degree from University of Pennsylvania and her Master of Architecture degree from Columbia University. She is a licensed architect who has worked in the US and Ghana with Adjaye Associates, PKSB Architects and Stan Allen Architect. These educational and professional experiences have informed her research interests which investigate the relationship between history, culture and perception and the impacts on the architecture of the African Diaspora.


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